KLSentral – Main Attraction and Things

KLSentral – Main Attraction and Things

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You have a variety of food options at KL Sentral. Just step out from the train station and into the public area and you have your pick of stalls, cafes and restaurants. For fast food options there’s the cheap and quick KFC and McDonald’s. There is a food court as well as various local cafés that serve everything from local fare to noodles and pasta.

Newly opened mall Nu Sentral is a fairly upmarket mall that has everything from high street brands, a department store, pharmacies and various eateries. For a list of the mall’s outlets.

KL Sentral is right next to Brickfields, one of the most colourful districts in the city, where Malaysia’s local Indian community lives, eats and sells wares. Take the bridge over to the KL Sentral monorail, step out and let it assault your senses; you’ll see plenty of Indian shopkeepers selling everything from food to clothes.

Nu Sentral has an in-house Cineplex (GSC – Golden Screen Cinemas) with a good selection of the latest films. Malaysia has one of the lowest movie ticket prices in the region, and often new movies premier at the same dates or ahead of US and European releases.